Stallholders can arrive from 6:30 am onwards. No pre-booking is required for either the indoor or the outdoor plots: simply turn up on the day and the autojumble staff will tell you where you can park and trade. We like to keep trading as easy and hassle free as possible!

Alternatively stallholders may arrive from 4pm on the Friday evening where they camp over in readiness for the morning of the autojumble. There is no charge for this facility and stallholders will have access to toilet facilities.

Stallholders wishing to stand inside are welcome to take their vehicle inside in order to unload but the vehicle must be parked outside in order to maximise space inside. Staff are available to monitor stalls while stallholders move vehicles outside. The size of the indoor pitch is approximately 112 inches by 118 inches.


We require that all traders, whether one-off autojumblers or regular traders, abide by the following trading policies:

  • No illegal firearms
  • No stolen goods
  • no sale of copied / counterfeit CDs or DVDs;
  • no sale of tobacco of any description;
  • no sale of counterfeit goods of any description;
  • no sale of alcohol
Persons found selling any of the above are liable to be asked to leave the autojumble.

Outside plots are charged at the rate of £10 per plot. Inside plots are charged at the rate of £15 per plot. There are no admission charges to the public except for a charge for carparking at the rate of £2 per car.